Your body says it all – Forbedre dine presentasjonsevner

Take an in depth course in the use of non-verbal tools that optimize your message and performance during your presentation for signing up for our series of workshops. Learn in a playful, creative and laid back way.

During the workshop you will gain an in depth understanding of how the nonverbal aspects of communication actually impact your presentation and what your audience will remember.

These workshops are for anyone wishing to improve their communication skills in business, public relations and presentation of their project, through theatrical techniques. The modules are set up so as to facilitate the learning curve so we encourage you to follow all three modules. However, it is possible to sign up for an individual module.

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Your body says it all - MODUL 1 – Neutral mask theater workshop

This workshop will lead you to the practice of group exercises and presentation of oneself in front of an audience (the other participants). In order to highlight the universality of gesture language, trainees will use neutral masks. The exercises with these masks confront participants with the relationship between what is believed to be expressed and what is perceived by others, comparing attitudes, gestures and universal behaviors to those influenced by each other’s culture.

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Your body says it all - MODUL 2 – Theater workshop expressive masks

This session will allow you to put the body at stake by playful exercises, to increase your awareness of the gesture, as well as the rules of communication that the masked game amplifies and specifies. You will learn to recognize the universal archetypes conveyed by these masks of character, to play them and to identify the social behaviors that they symbolize.

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Your body says it all - MODUL 3 – Camera feedback workshop

This workshop highlights the use of the camera, as a mean of understanding the attitudes, the gestures, the voice of each one with hindsight and benevolence. The participants will practice breathing exercises, voice pose, gesture awareness. Then, guided by the eyes of the speaker, they will prepare an excerpt of conference, presentation … which will be filmed and analyzed together. They will learn to accept their own image / voice, to look at themselves without judgment.

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Varighet: 3 timer
Sted: OSLO | VenturelabThe Kasbah Hub
Pris: 1250,- per modul
Kategori: Presentasjonsteknikk

Modul / Sted
28. mars 2019
09.00 - 12.00
Modul 1 / Venturelab
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28. mars 2019
13.30 - 16.30
Modul 2 / Venturelab
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29. mars 2019
09.00 - 12.00
Modul 3 / Venturelab
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30. mars 2019
10.00 - 13.00
Modul1 / Kasbah Hub
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30. mars 2019
14.00 - 17.00
Modul2 / Kasbah Hub
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31. mars 2019
10.00 - 13.00
Modul3 / Kasbah Hub
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  • Leaders, senior managers/project managers/managers and salespeople who want to improve their presentation skills
  • Startups in the pitching phase
  • Lecturers and speakers wishing to learn new techniques
  • Anyone having to present (for a job interview, etc… )

I am not aware of what I do during presentations, for example if I widget. It was very interesting for me to get this feedback. God, I need a Patrick in my life – everybody needs a Patrick in their life!” Seidi, manager in a Start Up

I thought it was another workshop of communication as all the workshop I have seen until now. I was greatly mistaken. One of the most playful, joyful and creative ways of learning body language and its impact. I absolutely recommend this workshop to every organization which wants to engage its employees in a creative process of learning how to communicate effectively and every individual who wants to try different ways of expressing themselves!” Evanthia – founder

I saw the connection between the neutral mask workshop and the expressive mask workshop. I got to know my body, what I can do with it. I’ve never held a speech before and found it much easier with a mask! You chose the part of you that you want to reveal and bring forth. I really enjoyed the workshop” Andreana – Oslo Kommune


VINC, tilfører spisskompetanse til ditt team eller prosjekter

The courses directed by Patrick Forian aim to develop each person’s personality and his relationship to others through the practice of mime techniques, commedia dell’arte and masked play. Patrick Forian, actor, director and teacher, graduated from the Ecole Mirier Theater, the Lassaad International Theater School, director of Atelier Forian, founder of In Commedia Veritas, editor of Mime magazine. This workshop is held in English.

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