VINC, et uavhengig nettverk av frilansere og selvstendige

Network of freelancers that simplifies collaboration across crafts and services.

We strive for a unique unity that gives value to both the network and customers.

• Helping each other grow
• Passion for the craft
• Courage to succeed

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VINC, et uavhengig nettverk av frilansere og selvstendige

What challenges do you have in your everyday life as a self-employed?

We have put together a survey to identify needs and challenges in a freelancer's work. Appreciate your feedback so that VINC can develop and update its services to freelancers and self-employed.

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We are constantly getting requests within several different industries and services. Become a part of the VINC network and take advantage of missions within your field and professional collaboration. Send us a request with your information, and we'll talk about what we can do together.

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