Our mission is to help organizations optimize successful teams by adding expertise and diversity

Corporate and organization adviser

Interim Leader

Project Manager

Software implementer

VINC, et uavhengig nettverk av frilansere og selvstendige


Web- UX- Graphic Designer

TV & film production

Photographer and videographer


SoMe specialist

Artist / Actor


Our top contributors, members and values

Agathe Torris - VINC - Daglig leder
Agathe Tørris

Advisor in corporate development, digitization and optimization

Håvard Storvestre - VINC - Markedssjef
Håvard Storvestre

Photographer, video producer, web design and digital solutions

VINC, et uavhengig nettverk av frilansere og selvstendige
Ester Milano

Visual designer and illustrator

VINC, tilfører spisskompetanse til ditt team eller prosjekter
Patrick Forian

Artistic director and artist

VINC, et uavhengig nettverk av frilansere og selvstendige
Marte Nordahl

Journalist, copywriter and photographer

Florian Longuet


Our members are freelancers and self-employed who work mainly in creative profession and the emotional field:

Web and UX developer
Video producer
Digital marketer

Social media specialist
Graphic designer
Event planner

VINC, et uavhengig nettverk av frilansere og selvstendige

Our values are based on the commitment to helping each other grow, passion for the craft and courage to succeed.

Combines the use of digital media and business development

Outsource your projects to our multidisciplinary teams:
Multi-kanal generering av leads
Web development, photo, video, text production for your website
Digital presence and inbound marketing
Event marketing, event organization and post event activities
Educational videos and digital distribution

Our talentpool


Photo & Video

Graphic design

Web development

Social Media



Event management

Expertise and resources within strategic consulting.

Interim management in transition / change phase
Organizational and business consulting:
Growth and innovation strategy
Digitization strategy
Reorganization and Post Merger Integration
Lean Supply Chain optimization
Cost optimization & profitability
Due diligence process

Transfers expertise to large and small businesses

Courses, seminars and workshops:
Gamified Lean Startup Course
Innovation seminars
Co-development workshop
On demand lectures from our experts!

Entrepreneurship course and help with financing

VINC, tilfører spisskompetanse til ditt team eller prosjekter

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