Get busy with your own business!

VINC og Oslo VO has developed a program starting in August 2019 to learn how to make your idea fly and boost your skills in Norwegian for business.
Our business startup program is compatible with a day time job/studies.

So what is this all about?

By joining our business startup program, you will acquire pretty much all the basic skills you need to get your business idea off the ground and we will actually also get you started!
Whether you aim to create a company with great potential for growth or «just» make a living, you will gain the most updated skillset for creating a business in today’s digital Norway.

Participation is free of charge for those participants who are selected.

Our program starts 19.08.19 and is structured in three modules:

  • Modul 1: Norwegian for business course – during 9 weeks on Wednesdays starting 19.08.19
  • Modul 2: Startup course (carried out in Norwegian with some exceptions) – during 9 weeks on Thursdays (afterwork hours) starting 19.08.19
  • Modul 3: Follow up with mentors / professional coaches from mid August until Desember 2019

Apply to the program by signing up – places are limited!

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