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Would you like to be a mentor to the founders of our multicultural startup program? Read on

Our mentoring program is linked to the startup program «Get Busy with your Business» . This innovative program was initially created thanks to support from the Integrering og Mangfoldsdirektoratet (IMDi).

Mentoring is more than transferring advice, knowledge and insight. The relationship offers mutual benefits for mentors who are willing to invest time in another’s professional development. In addition to the personal satisfaction of sharing their skills and experiences, being involved in our mentoring program also provides some tangible benefits that reward mentors professionally.

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    Maybe you become a coach for an entrepreneur!

    Why join “VINC to my mentor”:

    • Get exposure to fresh perspectives, ideas and approaches from today’s digital entrepreneurial world as well as opportunities to reflect on your own goals and practices

    • Attend our educational events and workshops

    • Get the opportunity to expand your network and get to know other mentors and entrepreneurs

    • Get the chance to develop your personal leadership and coaching style

    • Strengthen your skills in relationship building and your listening skills

    • Help someone new to Norway to realize their dream of creating their own business

    The mentoring is pro bono work.

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